About Us

PartyLights.eu is a collaboration between LampionWebshop and Studio Randy. Together we develop products and installations that are unique and full of lighting. The installations can be used broadly for any party such as weddings, exclusive networking events or large party festivals. Our installations are scalable and can contain up to 10,000 illuminated lanterns. Do you have a great idea and are you looking for a partner who will light it? Feel free to contact us.

Partylights.eu established on October 8 – 2018

LampionWebshop has started to do more customization for projects in recent years. As a result, we have gained a lot of experience over the years and we were able to close 2018 with our largest project to date, more than 24,000 illuminated lanterns in the garden of Soestdijk Palace. The KWF lanterns action 2018 was an unprecedented success! Are you curious about what we can do for your event, wedding or festival? Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities. 

Studio Randy is the graphic partner within PartyLights. Studio Randy’s background lies in video mapping, building LED structures and creating interactive structures. The ideal partner to create a new experience together with the lanterns from Lampion Webshop.

Jorke Tamminga
CEO / Founder

I am the CEO / Founder of Sparql. And I am also the owner of Lampionwebshop

Michiel van Dasler
CEO / Founder

I am also the CEO / Founder of Sparql. And I am also the owner of Lampionwebshop

Studio Randy
CEO / Founder

We are Studio Randy and we also developed the Sparql system

Kjeld Staps
Marketing Manager

I developed this site and I am also doing the marketing within Partylights.eu